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11.08.2003, 22:05
My problem is, I will mount an image and it will run the autorun program on the cd, but, every time I try to actually start the game, it always says "insert disk and continue" this happens consecutively with every single image I mount. Please help, I'm slowly dying of boredom:P.

11.08.2003, 22:40
Itґd help to know which games and how you created the images.
Note: In case you downloaded the images read the rules (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/portal/rules.php) first!

14.08.2003, 19:55
I have a similar problem as Decker. When I try to play Diablo 2 exp from an image I get an "error: insert disk to continue." I can solve this problem by logging in as the administer and the game plays fine, however when I log in as under a normal account I get this problem. I have tried to reinstall both Diablo 2 and Daemon tools.

Game: Diablo 2 Expansion (retail)
OS: Windows XP pro
Image: created by Clone CD


15.08.2003, 04:24
It's Command and Conquer: Generals and Warlords Battlecry 2. Both made from CloneCD, neither downloaded.

16.09.2003, 01:00
Diablo2 cannot work from non-admin account - even original. This is due to problems in Securom protection.