View Full Version : A little difficulty...

22.05.2006, 07:32
I haven't really messed with Daemon Tools before, but when I go to mount my img file and the

prompt disappears and absolutely nothing happens.

It doesn't lock up or slow down or anything.

What am I doing wrong? WHat are the simple steps from selecting DT to getting it to play the image file

22.05.2006, 13:07
You can see the Daemon-Tools help for informations how to mount an image:
Mount your image using that instructions.
Then go to 'My Computer' and open the virtual drive.
Did DT mount the image?
Which version of DT are you using?
Do you get any error messages?
What kind of image do you want to mount? Is it a game?

22.05.2006, 13:44
Did the empty DT Virtual Device show up in Workplace ? When not then goto devicemanager and reinstall the drives for the virtual devices (c:\windows\inf) !