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12.08.2003, 10:52
I was foolish and took a friends advice, assuming this person knew what they were talking about and installing daemon tools without reading up on it. I unfortunatly have easy cd creator on my computer. First I would like to congradulate you on such a wonderful product, it worked like a dream when i was putting images on virtual drives (of cd's i already owned of course) lately I have realized that my cd-rw drive is no longer active, it does not show up in the my computer window or in the hardware manager, (which doesnt even have a menu for cd/dvd roms anymroe now that i have uninstalled daemon tools). I know that it was my mistake to use your program with easy cd creator, and i implore you for any help as to get my comp to reconize the cd-rw drive again, I have alreayd researched this on this forums, seeing the windows xp help link multiple times, and therefore attempting both methods, the first gave NO RESULT, and the second was impossible because no cd/dvd rom drives (or even the menu) were shown in the hardware manager. I am lost, I beleive that a reformat will fix this problem, but that is really worst case scanerio, I have too much ware.... educational material on my computer to jsut reformat (obviously i would need to transfer all my storage over ethernet to other hard drives...and i have over 200gigs so it will be no easy task to find the place to store and the actual transfer time...please...i know I have made a big mistake, but if ANYONE knows or has ANY idea how to fix this please help. I would just like to repeat that I have already deleted the cdrom settings in the registry that are so oftenly advertised on these forums, and I DO NOT have a good enough grasp at the registry to do more complicated edits...thank you I will appreciate any help. My system specs are as follows...

Win Xp Pro
samsung cdrw 52x24x52
(dont know if mobo is relevant, just adding if it matters, as im obviously not proud of my pos ^^)
nforce2 mobo

Once again I take all responsibility but help would be graciously appreciated

12.08.2003, 16:29
If you go into device manager, right-click on the root computer, and click 'scan for hardwrare changes'. Does this detect your cdroms? Is bios able to detect your cdroms?

12.08.2003, 20:44
Try to uninstall Easy CD Creator and reboot.
Make sure cdr4_xp.sys and cdralw2k.sys are completely removed from your system.

12.08.2003, 23:05
very odd, says "found new hardware 'system.'" whe i look at device managa i now have two system devices taht have yellow exclamation points next to them one called an "unknown device" another saying "motherboard resources." So new hardware is being detected but not as a cd rw device...i am about to check bios and uninstall cd creator, will reply after this is finished.

12.08.2003, 23:56
bios, nothing, i even changed the boot to cdrom to see if it could force it lol, device manager, nothing, uninstalled roxio esaty cd creator as well as daemon nothing, i did a search over my whole comptuer for the two files u mentioned, they seem not to exist, i rebooted, and i still cannot detect my cdrw, although my computer continually detects a new "SYSTEM" hardware device that isnt plug and play and obviusly no drivers exist for...gg -.-;;

13.08.2003, 00:11
Try to delete this system device and reboot.
But this is for sure not CDRW. Check to which contoller it is attached and if it is working.

13.08.2003, 02:11
nothing...dunno what to do, it wont reconize any other cd-roms either, as i have tried to put other hardware in to test