View Full Version : Virtual SCSI driver and BSOD...

12.08.2003, 13:23
For those who get Blue screen of death and Virtual SCSI driver not found error i found a solution, at least for myself. Disabling motherboards integrated soundcard (I have C-media chip) seems to fix the problem. At least with me it did.

17.08.2003, 15:33
In these situations you shouldn't need to disable anything. I haven't experienced such problems with Daemon Tools, but I did in the past with certain hardware and recently with some software. The cause for this situation is likely to be a badly designed driver/s or a bad installation for that driver/s. When you identify the problem, changing the driver loading order will probably fix the situation; but don't do this randomly, think it carefully and search for the necessary information before doing anything.

A lot of programmers do a lot of non politically correct coding thinking that their software will run alone in the user's system which causes a lot of headaches to the users and other authors.

19.08.2003, 13:22
I've tried all those things. It can be that the most latest drivers are still incompatible, but the only way I could get the program to work in my case was disabling the the soundcard.