View Full Version : Problems uninstalling/updating dtools

23.05.2006, 13:09
today i wanted to update my dtools from v 3.47 to 4.00. when i did so he gave me a failure message "unable to access network location :Programms/D-Tools/Help" and i was unable to proceed. so i tried to repair/uninstall with several versions .. same problem. so i visited the forums and searched for same problems. i deleted everything in the regestry related to dt and deleted the folder in windows plus the drivers mentioned in some threads. so i deleted everything i know off and the roms even gone but i am still unable to install a new version. got a new failure message


can anyone help me to a point at were i can just install the new version properbly? :(

23.05.2006, 14:45
Download the latest version (v.4.03) and try to install that version: