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12.08.2003, 17:18

I've created an ISO image of my SWAT 3 CD and put it on a network share. I mounted this image using daemon tools, and I can install the game fine. However when it comes to playing the game, it says the correct CD must be inserted into the drive. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance,


12.08.2003, 18:25
How did you create your image? What settings?

12.08.2003, 19:14
I used WinISO to make the ISO file. There weren't any setting for me to alter. SHould I try creating another ISO file?

12.08.2003, 19:35
You will have to use an application that allows raw reading. Not sure if winiso can do this or not. I know alcohol 120, clonecd, blindwrite, and nero can all do this.