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23.05.2006, 13:02
How can i make an image i can mount with Daemon Tools? i have alcohol 120% full version though i don't know how to use it. can this be used to make an image that i can mount? plz help me

23.05.2006, 13:51
You can see the Manual of Alcohol how to create images:
It's very easy. You just need a Protection Scanner (e.g. A-Ray Scanner) to scan the protection of the copyprotected cd/dvd.
Then choose the profile for the protection in Alcohols wizard.
Alcohol don't have any profiles for protected dvds. You have to choose the right settings on your own.

24.05.2006, 15:15
I don't know either. I am Mafiozosterror and I need help.How can I emulate DVD Games?