View Full Version : SQL 2005 SP1 installation fails

25.05.2006, 12:37
I installed SQL 2005 from a mounted .iso with Daemon-tools, 4.03HE (64-bit). When I run the SP1 or some hotfix (e.g. 2153 cumulative package) it fails. Could that have something to do with Daemon-tools? It sets some variables according to the log-file to the wrong Drive, an USB hard drive.

01.06.2006, 11:10
Strange, I'd try burning the ISO then installing again. I don't think this is a DAEMON Tools bug, sounds more like a flaw in the installer.

You can also play around with the drive letters of the virtual drive or disable your real drives in device manager to pinpoint the logic behind SQL Server 2005 not working properly from a virtual drive.