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26.05.2006, 07:43

Iam Praveen Kumar. Could any body suggest a good software for virtual DVD RW drive? If you suggest like Alcohol / Nero they are just DVD-ROM drives not writers. I want a virtual DVD RW drive.


How to enable DVD burning option in Nero Burning Rom 7 Ultra Edition without a DVD-RW drive. I need this because I had Samsung TS-H552U drive and I have given it for service. Please help me urgently from this.


26.05.2006, 08:25
Nero has an option that says something like "enable image recorder for all supported formats"

26.05.2006, 12:59
What would you use a virtual DVD RW drive for ? writing to a virtual DVD RW disc ? :confused:

If you want to write files to an image file why not use something like UltraISO or WinISO to create your image?

Or have I missed something here & am I losing the plot? :rolleyes:

In addition to what @Underheaven posted you can select Recorder/Image Recorder from the toolbar in Nero 7 & select 'Image Recorder' to write to an image file

26.05.2006, 18:44
No actually I asked for a Virtual DVD-RW drive for making windows to see that there is a physical DVD-RW drive. This is helpful for me for making DVD ROM images in Nero. Try Nero 7 Ultra Edition in a system without a DVD-RW drive and get an option for DVD-Video in Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express and not in Nero StartSmart. The option will be grayed. This is what my problem is.

As said by Underheaven if there is an option like that, then I want to know more on how to enable that.

Thnak You.


26.05.2006, 21:01
The option will be grayed
Oh, strange.

27.05.2006, 19:29
File->Options->Expert Features->Enable all supported......

28.05.2006, 19:10
Thank You.

28.05.2006, 19:22
What is blu-ray disc?

29.05.2006, 03:32
What is blu-ray disc?

or 'Google is your friend'