View Full Version : i think i copied it wrong but can it still work??

14.08.2003, 06:03
i took and copied the files from warcraft3 off the cd and onto my hdd and then burned them to disk. i didnt use a raw copy or image or mds or anything. i can install the game from this backup but cannot play it. i tried to use the backup, with alcohol120%, and make an image file, and then use that with daemon emulation running and that doesnt work either. is there any way that this copy i made will work? when i scan it with clonyxl it still detects the securom 4.6x protection. its not the 4.8x so it should work without the physical emulation right? im not sure, can anyone help me?

14.08.2003, 09:59
You canÒ‘t run the game from a file copy!
Create an image from your original, a simple cooked copy works fine if you enable SecuROM emulation to play - otherwise you need to create a raw-image with subchannel data.

15.08.2003, 08:44
ok, thanx for the quick reply. i didnt think it would work but i had hopes! thanx for clearing it up for me.