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14.08.2003, 15:44
I have a slight problem with some of my multi-CD games, mostly caused by Windows, not DT. When the game asks me to switch CD, I multitask and mount the appropriate image with Daemon Tools. However, as I do this the program will sometimes detect this, even if it is in the background, and start using it. At the same time, Windows also tries to auto-run the CD, often causing the game to crash (lock up - I can't multi--task back). This also happens if there is no auto-run file on the CD, so that Windows opens up the CD contents in an explorer window. Is it possible to get Windows to ignore the CD inserting?

The good old Win95/98 "disable autostart" in the device control panel doesn't seem to exist anymore, and disabling autostart and automount from DT doesn't seem to do anything, either.

I have tried holding down the shift key (old trick)
but it doesn't seem to work well when it is Daemon Tools that run the "CD". Also, the game has no problems with multi-tasking in other cases, the lock-up only happens when I switch CD's. A few times the CD switching doesn't lock up (maybe due to the Shift-key trick occasionally working)
but most often it does.

12.09.2003, 21:25
Operating System: Win all
Burning Software: Nero/Blind Write
Anti-virus Software: McAffee 7
DAEMON Tools Version: Daemon - All


I have a solution for you. It seems the trouble you're having is not directly due to Auto-Insert notification, so much as what windows does with it. Auto-insert notification is only the behavior CD/DVD rom drives have, by which they tell windows "there is a new cd here, so you need to refresh your directory listing of the disc". You can "modify" the way windows checks the directory, and what it does with the findings, but the easiest way to advert this problem is to download TweakUI, install, and on the Paranoia tab, uncheck "auto-run data discs automatically". You can find TweakUI bu searching Google, or follow the link: http://download.microsoft.com/download/f/c/a/fca6767b-9ed9-45a6-b352-839afb2a2679/TweakUiPowertoySetup.exe

(If this link becomes Broken, e-mail me at warren@almightygeek.com and I will edit the message with an appropriate link.)

I think this version applies to All versions of windows (98-XP).

If you have any trouble with this, or this doesn't solve the problem, feel free to post a reply (I will be notified by e-mail automatically) and I will look further into the problem.

Hope this works :)