View Full Version : sptd.sys and a347bus.sys crash safe mode boot. Help!

29.05.2006, 08:29
Hello friends, well, i had a problem concerning the sptd.sys and a347bus.sys files. I wanted to boot into safe mode to do a driver cleaner for my video card but when i choose that option after pressing F8 and the system is loading the drivers then there is message in the bottom of my monitor showing that i have to press ESC to stop loading SPTD.sys. After a press ESC then it shows another similar message which now reads press ESC to stop a347bus.sys. Right after that, i press ESC but then my computer reboot and shows me that there have been an error while loading safe mode.

Then I tried to do the same process again and this time i didn't press ESC, however the machine reboots again showing the error message and propting to choose the last good boot, which was Normal Mode.

Now i can't boot in safe mode and i decided to search for help in the web and i have read that those files were related to DTtools v4. I love that program but i wanted to solve this problem therefore i uninstalled it. Now i don't have the program nor i can boot in safe mode.

So could you help me please to solve theses problems? How i can do to boot in safe mode again please. I have read some articles but i don't undersand them. I need the safe mode back. Thanks in advance.