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30.05.2006, 20:17
hi, im having big trouble, i dont have D-Tools installed(i got some problem with sptd.sys, my now computer always crashes when i have this driver) but i had it installed while ago. Now, when im trying to run one game i get error: "Daemon tools is installed but locked.....". Thats wierd, i checked registry, there are no signs about D-Tools...any help would be appreciated

01.06.2006, 12:04
This sounds like a very rare issue but anyway,

Check for dtscsi.sys sptd.sys daemon.dll and the daemon-tools install folder. If you're no longer using DAEMON Tools you can delete all of those. If any of the files are locked or in use you'll have to perform a proper uninstall.

01.06.2006, 15:05
My memory *might* be hazy, but i seem to remember this sort of message from JoWood's XProt? If so, there *might* also be an issue with older DT 3.x files left somewhere somehow - if you ever had this installed, of course.