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16.08.2003, 14:44

Some days ago i installed Daemon Tools V333 and after the restart
my pc crashed with a blue screen (IRQ not less or equal) So i booted
in Safe Mode and uninstalled DT manually. My System was running again
and i tried to install Daemon Tools V316 but got an error message:

Error 25001: Device setup error: code 25004. Contact your support personnel.

I searched the forum and found some solutions (deleting some registry entries, deleting the pnp bios extension.....) but nothing fixed the error.
I've nowhere found the error code 25004 in the forum or in news groups etc..

Does someone know something about the error code?

Thx a lot


17.08.2003, 01:58
On what OS it happens?
If it is XP please send me latest minidump from Windows\minidump folder.

17.08.2003, 12:10
I'm sorry, but i don't find any minidump files?
Is it possible that they are deactivated or sthg?

OS: Win xp SP1

17.08.2003, 23:00
Please mail me to venom386@daemon-tools.cc.
We'll discuss your issue.