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02.06.2006, 20:58
i searched for this, so hopefully no one yells at me.

my cousin and i have had this argument twice now, and no matter how many times i tell him that there's only one way to pronounce the word "daemon" (which is just like demon) he insists on thinking that the "a" was added by the developers so that people would pronounce it "daymin"
i've even shown him with a dictionary that there are two ways to spell the word, but only one way to say it. he ended up asking others, and some actually agree with him. and i've heard it before but just blamed it on that person's stupidity..

but the fact is, i've come to understand that there are quite a few people who think its pronounced 'damon'...

so hopefully someone who actually developed this program could enlighten me.. and if i'm wrong call me an idiot and i'll shut up forever. a general consensus from the community wouldn't be bad either :D

thanks for not yelling at me.

02.06.2006, 21:39
There was a previous discussion that was very similar. Look here:

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05.06.2006, 01:50
According to my 'Shorter Oxford English Dictionary', daemon and demon are pronounced the same.

However, I have heard people in the Unix world (where daemon has long been used as the term for background or service processes) pronounce it as 'day-mon'.

So I'd guess that both pronounciations are OK - but if someone from the DT Team wants to give a definitive answer...

05.06.2006, 16:37
I've always pronounced daemon as "day-mun". I think it's mostly because I used to know a guy with the name daemion. And he pronounced it "day-me-un". So it was only natural for me to pronounce daemon that same way.

06.06.2006, 05:35
The Daemon in Daemon Tools is pronounced "Day-mun" or
"Day-mon", to show the similarity to unix-background-processes