View Full Version : DT Errors/Problems...

03.06.2006, 08:06
I cannot go on using v4.X
For some reason its making everything unstable. So, my question is, is there alternatives?

Can we still use older versions without problems?

Is there anything like DT that doesn't cause the OS to not boot?

03.06.2006, 13:10
You can use DT 3.47 (-> d-load section). But if you use DT 3.47 you have to use SFCure to get SF Games using an image to work. If you use DT 4 then this isn't required.
But what errors do you get (BSOD?)?

03.06.2006, 18:49
Well, I first noticed something was weird when sometimes DT wouldn't come up when Windows started, or sometimes it would come on, but there would be no virtual drive (but DT would say there was one).

Then, just out of the blue, I get an error that dtscsi.sys was corrupt and that Windows won't boot because of it. So I set up another Windows installation (dual-boot). I used the other installation to figure out what was wrong and google led me here.

I see alot of people are having this problem, but no one really knows for sure how to fix it. So I went into the other Windows installation and cut the dtscsi.sys to the desktop (from the second installation). Then I restarted and tried my original Windows. Now it works :) Well, except for the fact that I cant use DT v4.X....