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04.06.2006, 08:26
I read the common problem/solution thread about virtual drives, and found that half the solutions weren't possible, and that the other half didn't solve my problem. My problem: I can mount images to Daemon virtual drives, but I cannot access or run the image. This is pretty common I assume, but if the common solutions didn't solve my problem, I don't know where else to turn. Deleting the entries of virtual devices in the device manager and rebooting didn't solve my problem, and when I searched for the driver files on my computer, I found nothing even resembling the daemon files stated.

I'm at a loss here, no where else to go really. Alcohol and Daemon both fail to create working virtual drives, but I found it kind of odd that PowerISO did create working drives, although unaccessible from My Computer making it only work when I remounted the image and autoran it. Don't know what I should do at this point, so I'm turning to the forums, hopefully you guys can give me some quick pointers or small advice on where I should begin looking. I heard something about deleting PNP through BIOS, but I have no idea what PNP is or how to get to BIOS in the first place. Help? :(

04.06.2006, 20:28
Maybe your image is broken...
Did you try different images?

05.06.2006, 00:16
I have tried several different images, they work when I use PowerISO, but not Alcohol or Daemon Tools. There is an "Unknown Device" under SCSI/RAID Controllers, but it doesn't appear to be working incorrectly and whenever I remove it, it reappears after reboot. Don't know if that helps, but it's all I've learned since my last post.

05.06.2006, 13:29
Uninstall Alcohol and Daemon-Tools.
Go to device Manager an look if there are any virtual devices left.
If there is sth. left use these threads to manually remove them:
DT 4:
DT 3.x:

Then install DT 4.03 and try it again.