View Full Version : Windows XP does not load past the welcome screen.. BT 4.03

04.06.2006, 12:31
Hi, im running windows xp service pack 2, i just installed DT v 4.03, i have Alcholol 120% installed and antiblaxx (not sure if that matters).

I dont run easy cd creator.

The problem is that windows will not load past the part where there is a blue screen with the windows xp logo visible in the middle. Its the part right before you click on the user you would like to log in as. The mouse can still move, however it just sits there. If you press a key on the keyboard the pc speaker beeps.

Now ive tried renaming the sptd files in drivers and also have tried chkdsk /r with no success. It does the same thing in safe mode.

Can anyone help me out? I tried repairing with windows cd however it says the partition needs to be deleted.

Thanks, would appreciate any help

07.06.2006, 14:31
If your windows windows cd is giving you error messages I don't think is a DAEMON Tools driver problem. I'm not sure what to suggest besides doing data recovery and then deleting the partition.