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05.06.2006, 15:38
I downloaded a game, I don't rember which one, and it came with daemon tools. When I tried to install it, my computer did a bad restart. When it came back up, the game didn't work. It wasn't listed in the programs list when i went to the add/remove controll panel. There was no uninstall option in the program folder. And when I tried the manual option listed in the help forum, I saw there is no dtscsi in the drivers folder. When I start up, my computer thinks there is a new peice of hardware called the "st3mp28scsi controller". I tried the uninstall instructions in the help forum, an there is no sptd.sys in the drivers folder. So, how do I get this stuff of my computer.

05.06.2006, 17:50
Such requests we receive alot here at our forums, to REMIND
everyone that this is illegal AND that we do NOT help/support
you I decided to not delete this thread - as a warning to
those that try to post crap like this here.


you broke your system. Thats always possible when you use
this warez-stuff. You will not get any help here, moreover your
account is banned for life as you are obviously not even capable
of reading our board rules.