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05.06.2006, 20:16

Right my problem is after using starforce nightmare my DVDRW+- will not burn, i know its because of starforce after searching but i do not know much about starforce at all and i know ive done something wrong. The drive itself recognises music cds and app cds but wont burn. If anyone can post a solution ASAP it would be much appreciated.


09.06.2006, 10:55
Stop using StarForce Nightmare, just make a good Image with Alcohol 120%, power off any IDE-Drives and then mount it in DT.

It's possible that the use of SFN could interrupt some connections you need to burn any CDs or DVDs.

12.06.2006, 09:18
Maybe you should try to start SFN and enable everything so you make sure nothing is disabled.

Then try to burn a dvd or cd with a different account on your pc.

i had the same problem, i created another account and then it worked.

as an alternative you can search on google for starforce removal tool

good lcuk

16.06.2006, 06:16
the user account thing worked very well on a win server but on my xp :( i dunno wuts wrong