View Full Version : VCD images won`t play

17.08.2003, 19:24

I have several VCD movies in *.bin format. I mounted the image using Daemon Tools...everything looks ok -Windows Media Player automatically starts and tries to open the movie- it says "Connecting...".

But that`s all it does! I can`t play it! I`ve used even WinDVD,PowerDVD..same thing,nothing works.

Can Daemon really emulate VCDs? Is burning the only solution to see these movies? Thx!

18.08.2003, 00:51
only *.bin? Where's your *.cue-file?
beside that I guess you downloaded the movies from the i-net, I can assure you, that Daemon Tools can mount VCD-Images.

Seems to me, you've the wrong codec, maybe it's not a vcd, instead it's a DiVX, a SVCD or something similar.

Proof it for yourself. Just copy the .dat-file from the mounted image and store it to your hdd. Try open it with software which is capable of handling mpeg1 movies.