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06.06.2006, 01:57
I used the latest version of DT to install an iso for HOMM5 (Heros of Might and Magic 5) and when ever i go to run the iso to play it keeps asking for the CD/DVD (and yes the emulation for SecuROM is enabled)

Yes i have read the FAQ and have tried reinstalling the game, changing the drive letter,making a 1:1 (maybe i made the 1:1 CD wrong), and reinstalling the latest DT(ive never used previous versions)

My conclusion is the iso is either corrupted or just wont play
If anyone can supply a different reason or a way to get around I would appreciate it.

06.06.2006, 04:14
so HOW did you created the image?

Which application was used to create the image and which

06.06.2006, 04:53
i got the iso from an internet buddy that i seldomly talk to via email that he doesnt use any more. He didnt tell me his new email so i have no way to contact him to find out. sorry that i cant give you any more information.

06.06.2006, 04:55
so we can't help you here -> read our boardrules please!!