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06.06.2006, 03:00
i just started using DAEMON Tools like a minutes ago, and im already stuck. I tried to read the manual, but somehow i cant open it...so i searched this site and, i think i found a similar question, but no one is replaying...
My situation is like this:
>i got this game from a friend.
>he put two RAR archive in a cd.(DISK1.rar and DISK2.rar)
>i extracted Disk1.iso from the first RAR archive, and it was mounted successfully. Ofcourse it will ask me for DISK2 and i opened Disk2.rar.
>but there was no .iso... there were 3 files that has extentions: .ccd .img and .sub...
>i can only seems to mount .ccd (or was it .img?) after extracting them out, and its not working...
>My question is...WHAT SHOULD I DO!?
I know it might sound stupid to some of the users, but this is my first time using this kind of softs and i dont recognise most of the extentions, and i cant open the manual...so PLEASE HELP!!!!
Oh, and it will be nice if you can tell me how to make it work step by step, since im not really familiar with these stuffs.
i know its a drag reading something this long but please help meeeee!!!

06.06.2006, 06:03
Yes, I see where the problem is:

you got the game by a friend. We won't support games that
you got by a friend, we support only users which use the

Please buy the game, create a proper image and in case of
trouble, you can come back anytime and we help you with
all probs then.

And please: read the SITE RULES before you post!