View Full Version : Uninstallable?

07.06.2006, 12:51

I never install the Search-Bar (why should I, I paid for it) but just for interesst: If I accidentally forget to uncheck the checkbox (this could possibly happen, you usually don't read everything an installer says) will I be able to uninstall it completly without additional Software?

There are a lot of apps which are, like DT, bundled with Spyware and it is really annoying to remove it, you have to run Tools like Ad-Aware etc..

07.06.2006, 13:28
Technically LongKong, it's "adware" not spyware. However, if you do forget to uncheck the box, you still have to click OK to install it at the end. And if you click OK on that, you can still go to Add/Remove Programs to uninstall it.

07.06.2006, 16:57
If you forget to disable the checkbox in installation dialog, you can still cancel WhenU EULA after Daemon Tools installation, thus no adware will be installed.

07.06.2006, 17:05
I've installed it an uninstalled it. zero traces remain after the uninstall.