View Full Version : Computer Restarts During Install

18.08.2003, 11:50

I have used DT many times but never experienced this! During install (the copy of files) the computer restarts! (as pushing the reset-button). The only way i have been through this is when there is HDD problems! So i suspect that this is a HDD related problem!!! But I think it has something to do with the Busmastering Controller! It is just that i have tried to replace Intels with Windows but it still won't work! It does the same thing! What the hell shall I do??? I'm using Windows XP SP1! Intel Busmastering Controller installed at the moment!

18.08.2003, 11:59
Disable automatic reboot in case of BSOD, post exact BSOD message - and check if youÒ‘ve a minidump (in windows\minidump folder) you can give us for further analysis.

18.08.2003, 12:08
How do I disable automatic reboot on BSOD?? And how do I send in the file to you??

18.08.2003, 12:38
It is strange but now it worked! the only thing i have done is that i installed nero and it said that DT setup was incomplete and it restored the install!
The other thing i did was that i disabled automatic reboot on BSOD!
But if you want i still can send the minidump file????

18.08.2003, 13:33
You can send it to andareed@daemon-tools.cc