View Full Version : Problems with my virtualdriver programs

08.06.2006, 19:15
I have have a problem all my virtualdriver programs[Nero,Alco 120 and Daemontool] The problem started then i havde splinter cell on my pc and couldnt make a driver more. so i reinstalled it and then i could make any driver or i could make the driver but it had no letter and i couldnt give it one.
Then i tryed alcohol 120% but that didnt work eighter and the same thing with Nero. One day i was looking in my pc's system
and i found this


its says that its installed correct and working like it should, but it clearly doesnt.
Can anyone help me?

Just say if i should take another picture somewhere, but my PC is in danish so you properly cant understandt it

14.06.2006, 21:28
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