View Full Version : Running UT2003

18.08.2003, 19:19
I have imaged the 3 discs of UT2003 using BlindWrite, in BWT; BWI; BWS format, with no emulation options on. However, after I have installed UT2003 and mounted the 1st disc (which is needed to play)
the game doesn't run. I switched the mounted image with the real CD, and it runs! How can I make the imaged UT2003 run?

18.08.2003, 19:29
Create a bwa-file (play cd) with Blindwriteґs Physical CD characteristic dumper, then mount the image.

06.11.2003, 23:07
or just download and install the v2225 patch from www.unrealtournament2003.com which turns the cd-check off