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11.06.2006, 08:52
With the new release of DT Pro will there be a seperate ide blocker for DT4 users or is that canceled?

11.06.2006, 11:58
hi and good job to dt team nice shots i have already my money saved for buyng the pro version :) , i will be happy to test the beta and for last this new release will run starforce 4,tages and all those bl from securom ?

tanks and congratulations :)

11.06.2006, 13:04
pro looks awesome, great job guys

11.06.2006, 13:32
Since we are supposed to give feedback, but since there is not a DTPro thread, I will post it here.

From what I can see, it is really nice, graphics looks good, good layout, seems to be good to use, great, I will save some money for it :)

11.06.2006, 17:41
hey guys...Dt pro looks very cool but the screen were you can see making a image DPM fails and the making a image fails......does it mean that isn't ready???

11.06.2006, 18:07
First off, the screens were from a 2-month old build. Second, if it was ready they would release it. Of course there are still some things to fix.

11.06.2006, 18:24
the read fails cause the disk in drive is physical(!) damaged.
It is some kind of test-cd ;)

11.06.2006, 20:30
@jito643: i know it was a 2 months old build..but i was just curious :)

@locustofburg: oke i was just curious.......BTW good work!!!

11.06.2006, 21:36
Does that mean you aren't going to answer my question? And if you guys don't have questions and want to praise their work please do it on your own topics.

11.06.2006, 23:02
They haven't said anything about cancelling the IDE jammer for the general DT4 public users, so why would you assume that?

12.06.2006, 09:27
Well I don't really see it's use anymore since most of the users will switch to dtpro which will have ide virtual drives.

12.06.2006, 13:10
dt pro is only for paying users!! dt4 not.....

13.06.2006, 02:54
Hi there,
considering the nearing release of DT Pro I'm currently wondering if it will require any kind of online activation (i.e. transmitting any private system information to some registration service in order to get a working registration key).
That's because I'd only consider purchasing a license now if I won't have to give out any information that's suitable to uniquely identify my system (and I presume this might be an issue for other (future) customers as well).
So, is there any reliable info on this issue yet?

P.S. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those 'online activation spies on you', 'boycott the product', 'it's the root of all evil...' etc. preachers, it's just a matter of my own principles which I don't intend to violate - even if it was for such a fine piece of software engineering as DT Pro will surely be.


13.06.2006, 18:38
Some pictures of DT Pro with mounted images of the following would be a nice selling point...
Desperados 2 Cooper's Revenge (Tages on DVD)
XIII (Tages on CD)
War On Terror (Starforce on DVD)
Codename Panzers Phase One (Starforce on CD)

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