View Full Version : Pb to reinstall DT 3.47 / code 25041 (already read similar threads!)

11.06.2006, 11:08
hi everybody

my config: XP Pro SP2 / K8N Neo4 / try to RE-install DT 3.47! (no other emulator is / have been installed, no anti-virus, just LNS firewall)

I was using DT 3.47 for a long time without any problem but I uninstalled it (via control panel) because I was no longer using it.

I was also playing a starforced 3.6 game (legally!) and also uninstalled it when finished. Time after I learned about the SF problems and checked my pc for the now famous hidden drivers and apparently I get rid off them by following the instructions given on the 'boycott SF' site.

Now I would like to reinstall DT 3.47 but I have the error code : 25041 (0x61D1), 80 (0x50). I found two threads in this forum dealing with it : the first (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/showthread.php?t=4848) telling that it is similar to the 25002 error code and the second (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/t2138-error-25002-invalid-driver-names-or-driver-conflict-or-how-to-remove-daemon-tools-drivers.html) telling how to fix (removing some old left files of DT 3.47) and I found no other information with google.

- I don't have any more the d347bus.sys and d347prt.sys files on my system
- I don't have any SCSI/RAID Controllers section in my device manager.
- I don't find any 'PnP BIOS Extension' in the device manager
- I don't have any d347bus and d347prt entry anywhere in the registry (tried also with d344, d346 to be sure!)

I scanned my pc with all common anti virus, trojan, rootkit...etc and all seems to be clear.

Can you help me?


11.06.2006, 15:11
Did you disable/close your firewall before installing DT?
You can try installing the latest version of DT (4.03).

11.06.2006, 16:34
Copy File API usually doesn't lie:
The error means:
25041 - setup could not copy miniport driver file into System32\Drivers folder
80 (0x50) - CopyFile API - file is already existing.
So you've to check what's going on there. You can also try to use alternative driver names (recommended anyway).

11.06.2006, 21:01
how stupid I am ! thx for the answers.
Yes in fact it seems that LNS was blocking the installation, I don't know why perhaps the dll protection. I disabled LNS and DT did'nt have any problem to install.

thx again,