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11.06.2006, 12:54
I use to run an older version of Daemon Tools (v3.4 or 3.5 I think), which always worked fine. I just tried upgrading to the 32-bit version of v4.0.3. I get the following error message:

"Virtual SCSI driver not detected"

My OS is Windows 2000 Pro SP4, and I have no CD/DVD burning tools or emulation software installed.

Any suggestions? Or do I have to wait for a newer version of Daemon Tools?

11.06.2006, 15:16
Before installing DT 4 you have to remove all older versions, so uninstall DT 3.x using the uninstaller and check the manually removing threads if there are some leftovers:
Then reboot.
Now install the latest DT version, you can get it from the download section (4.03).

14.07.2006, 20:55
I have installed for the first time the Daemon tool and the software has introduced me the error in object.
The file name of installation is daemon403-x86.exe
My operating system is WIN2000 SP4

Please help me! Thanks a lot

15.07.2006, 13:51
OK I installed 4.03 - I let the install remove the old version but it did not remove everything so I went through the uninstall of v4.03 including the sptdinst and rebooted. Still parts of v3.47 were in the system. I ran the 4.03 uninstall and I manually deleted ALL daemon-tools folders, ran Registry First Aid to clean the registry and link issues (this resolved a lot of issues for me with respect to DT). Then I attempted to install 4.03 again but the SCSI drivers were not installed and when I went into device manager I could see that the drivers were not installed and when I right-clicked on DT in the systray no drive letters were assigned. I again removed v4.03 and ran sptdinst (with the remove option), rebooted, confirmed that I could see no traces of DT and then attempted to install 3.47 - looking at device mgr I see that the SCSI drivers were not installed and I don't see a drive letter when I right-click on DT in the systray.

OK I'm open for suggestions as to how I can get DT working on my WinXP Pro system again. I have all the latest updates for WinXP Pro installed.

15.07.2006, 15:10
For manual removal of v3.47 leftovers check thread about error 25002 in common problems and solutions forum, reboot after the procedure.
For the problem where no drive letters are assigned to the virtual devices check related thread in common problems and solutions forum.