View Full Version : drive missing

11.06.2006, 21:39
i have just uninstalled the program and my f drive isnt there anymore?

i did a disk managment check and it says its not initilized and it wont let me initialize it?

i am running xp!

please help!

12.06.2006, 11:11
What kind of drive is you f:\?

12.06.2006, 13:16
is your real drive missing??
or is the dt-drive missing?? that isn't weird because you unistalled it!

12.06.2006, 13:50
my f drive is a 200gb maxtor hard drive.

when i installed the prog, it used the drive as a virual drive, but i cudnt access anything on it, so i had to uninstall it.

now i cant see the drive at all.

has the prog formatted the drive?