View Full Version : Running games thru daemon tools with multiple users

20.08.2003, 05:43
Here is my situation. The cds to my kid's games were getting really beat up, so I decided that I would make iso images of all of them and run them off of the hard drive using daemon tools. I then proceeded to write .cmd scripts to use to load the games with which would 1. unmount any images mounted on virtual device 0; 2. mount the appropriate iso; 3. call the .exe for the game in question.
This is all seemed simple enough, and everything works without a hitch when I run my script in my account, which is the only administrator on the machine (it is XP, SP0). However, when I run the scripts from the kids accounts, the virtual device autostarts and comes up the the game installer. If I manually mount the iso, and run the .exe in question everything works.
So my question is this: is there way to not automatically run the installer when the image is mounted? My kids are 3 + 4, so having these scripts is a must, and win98 is no longer an option (I tried this, and the kids spend so much time randamly clicking that the machine would eventually die or end up with a fatal error b/c they had inadvertanly deleted some important file)
Anyone have any advice?

20.08.2003, 15:19
You can download "power toys for windows xp" from microsoft.com. It includes tweakui, which can disable autorun for certain drives.

You can also try daemonscript, which is in our downloads section.