View Full Version : Tomb Raider Legend In Vista 5384

15.06.2006, 14:59
:D Hello,

I just Tested Tomb Raider Legend with the last build of vista!
Public build Beta 2 5384.
Since i'm using Daemon tools 3.33 since always on all vista... i used it to load an .mds image of the game.

Protection on TRL is securom 7+ so i used the securom loader v1.2 from the daemon 3rd party archives.
All works really good...same as in xp :)
And without the original disc!

Vista is running really good!

How i did:
- Mount .mds image from Tomb Raider Legend
- Install the Game
- Launch Securom loader v1.2
Choose the main .exe of the game
- Play the game!

P4C @ 3200mhz
1Go Ram DDR 400
160 Go Hitachi 7200rpm 8m
Geforce 6600GT AGP 128 XFX + VF700