View Full Version : Problem with daemon tools after installing new Windows XP updates.

15.06.2006, 16:35
Alright, I installed these updates for WinXP x64.

- KB914389
- KB917344
- KB916281
- KB911280
- KB917734
- KB917953
- KB918439

And I'm guessing one of these doesn't let you install sptd.dll, just keeps telling me I need to reboot to continue installation, but after I reboot, it tells me the same thing again. Evil cycle.

Also, when rebooting the first time, when still having d-tools installed, it said I needed to reinstall the sptd drivers.
So guessing microsoft is going against emulation software -_-

Anyway, would be nice to know if there's any way around this, or if I have to go through all the updates to see which one kills d-tools and remove it.


15.06.2006, 19:51