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15.06.2006, 23:52
Hello iґv got a LG dvdrw and a samsung CDRW, both drives are going crazy, if i put a empty dvd on it, appears like a empty CD !!, if i put a empty cd on cdrw it appears like a cdr pre-recorded, the dvdrw read nice a nornal dvdvideo and cdrom read the normal cdaudio ou cdr !!! but if is inside something complete new or empty they dont work, i try ti upgrade the firmwire of dvd, onother dvd manufacture, but is the same, i was unninstall the daomen tool, disable the autoplays in several software: bsplayer, winamp, realplayer, i tried to clean the registry. I dont remember when exactly this thing start :confused: i dont know if the daemon tools have something with this... :confused:

16.06.2006, 00:36
quick thought -> have you installed any starforce games recently?

16.06.2006, 08:11
im not sure about that... can i find something in my HD about this starforce ???

16.06.2006, 10:44
Right-click on My Computer, select Properties and the Hardware tab. Enter the device manager:

In the menu above select View and select Show Hidden Devices:

If you have Staforce, it will be listed under the Non-plug and play drivers tree:

Uninstall !!!

16.06.2006, 20:34
I dont find any kind of starforce in my HD...