View Full Version : Stuttering with Bf-1942 please help!

22.08.2003, 13:48

I got a problem with Bf1942 and all the expensions !
I installed bf1942
then I downloaded Deamon Tools
made a backup while DT was running
when I start the game, DT enabled
when I load a map it starts stuttering at 15% this takes 5 min there is no progress then it looks my pc freezes but it is`nt
than it loads until 75% and it starts stuttering again this takes 4 min
than I play the game good so its not my computer
my computer is`nt loading while its stuttering

I got a:

Pentium 4 @ 1,8 gHz
256 MB DDR
GeForce 4 MMX 440 newest Detonator for MMX
Creative PCI 128 Sound
17' Hansol Monitor
Windows XP SP1 with the newest updates

my Pc isn`t overheating or chrashing while loading !
the game manual sais my pc is good to play !!

somebody please help!

22.08.2003, 14:04
Youґve only 256MB RAM, check your free hdd space, and the swap file.
Check youґve enabled DMA for all your IDE-drives.
Do you have all BF1942 updates installed?
Is there a difference if you play from your original cds without Daemon Tools (i.e. no "stuttering")?

22.08.2003, 15:12
yes If i play it with original cd`s without deamon also stutterting
my swap file is 361
free hdd on C:\ is 5,1 GB
free hdd on D:\ is 18 GB
all the Updates !
DMA is enabled on all IDE !

22.08.2003, 21:15
do I need to instal the game with deamon running ??
I did`nt did that !!

26.08.2003, 16:39
when I install the game do i need ot run deamon ?

26.08.2003, 16:46