View Full Version : HELP! got damn Prob to install

16.06.2006, 14:07
GAAAH help damit

Installed Rise and fall Civ at war after that deamon tool got total messt up now I can't fucking install it I have no extra programs running as I see and then I start the install then it want to reboot the PC all the time and after it have rebooted Its start over again from beginning and want to reboot I dont get anylonger then reboo all the damn time I need Deamon TOOOOOOOOL to work again :'(

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16.06.2006, 15:54
Which OS do you use?

16.06.2006, 20:17
Windows XP pro X64 Edition

16.06.2006, 20:45
If you updated your OS with the latest MS patches check related thread in common problems and solutions forum.