View Full Version : Noob Error Question

16.06.2006, 19:40
I get an error message reading, Unable to open file in kernel mode. The file is a B5T extension, and ask me anything else you need to know in order to help me. Thanks!

16.06.2006, 21:57
Your Daemon Tools version is? If not 4.03 please upgrade and try to update bw5mount.dll if you found it.

16.06.2006, 23:02
Okay, it's the DAEMON Tools 4.0.3 X86. I restarted my computer and it still gives the message. But it's only on this file. I saw past threads dealing with the same issue, but no one ever gave a way to fix it! Help, please, and be specific on what I need to do because I am a noob.

17.06.2006, 19:43
So no one knows what to do with this issue?

19.06.2006, 04:53
So no one knows what to do with this issue?
You need to provide more information.

What version of Blindwrite did you use? Can you recreate the image file with the most recent version of BlindWrite 5? This is probably not important but what game/disc did you make an image of? What settings did you use when creating the image file (eg. read subcodes, topology, etc).