View Full Version : Daemon Tools on Removable HDD

17.06.2006, 05:14
Ok, what I would like to know is how I can put daemon tools on a removable HDD and be able to plug it into a laptop, boot daemon tools off of the removable drive, and then be able to play a game that is on the removable drive. Would I have to edit the registry? Can anyone help me out with this?

I know the basics to daemon tools, like mounting .iso images and stuff. But as for technical stuff I am pretty much lost.

Thanks for the help.

17.06.2006, 08:37
nah, wouldnt be that easy.. theres drivers involved.....

best step would be to just copy dt installer onto the removable drive, and install that way, dt is a bit more complex than a reg patch+file copy

17.06.2006, 14:38
Ok, what if I did this, What if I installed daemon tools on the laptop HDD (not the removable one). Then had the .iso's and program files on the removable drive and link them from there? Would that work. I guess the thing I don't want are the program files on the laptop. I can daemon tools and the isos on it. The thing is the laptop doesn't have a CD drive. As long as I can leave the game files on the removable drive I can live with that but if someone knows how to get it all to run on the removable drive then that would be great.

17.06.2006, 17:26
That should work, but turn off auto-mount, so you won't get any trouble if the removable hdd is not present.