View Full Version : My DVD cant read! WHY???

23.08.2003, 16:39
Hi Guys!

:cry: my dvd cant read cds. my sistem crashed. Please ghelp me.

Sorry for my bad English..... :oops:

THX for help.
CU Johnny

23.08.2003, 16:49
How is this related to Daemon Tools?
How do you expect us to help you in any way with this poor information!?

23.08.2003, 17:07
first my dvd read then ive installed Deamon Tools. Then the dvd cant and the crashed. Ideinstalle it and my dvd can read. how do you explain that,

Mr. Intelligent???? :o
Dont be angry its just a joke

CU Johnny

23.08.2003, 17:09
Possible problem with some kind of filter driver - do you have anything like Easy CD Creator installed?
What kind of system crash? Blue screen of death? Can you post the exact BSOD message?

24.08.2003, 00:57
No Cd Creator and the sistem pull down.no bluescreen. black monitor.

when it helps
ive: amd athlonxp1,8; gforce 4 mx 440; 512 mp sdram; And my DVD is from toshiba


24.08.2003, 11:28
Itґd help more to know what software youґve installed.
Anything like CloneCD, Blindwrite, Nero, Alcohol ґn stuff, or antivirus software like Norton.
And itґd help to know when the system crash occured, after installation, when you access your dvd drive?

24.08.2003, 12:20
i havent that thing like cd creator. there is no blue screen the PC crashed and i must it on and off

but my CD writer read and write.


24.08.2003, 12:23
i have nero winoncd and clone cd no norton.
i can live with it but no dvd read and watch is shit.
why had i boght then when it dont read.

CU Johnny :evil: