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17.06.2006, 15:45
I am running Windows 2003 Server x64 and have been running Daemon Tools successfully for a couple of days now. But yesterday and today everytime I reboot I get an error. "Initialization error. This program requires Windows 2000 with SPTD 1.24 or higher. The kernel debugger must be deactivated". Daemon Tools is effectively disabled at this point. So I decided to uninstall the tools. I went to "Add/Remove" programs and removed the only item that seemed to be associated with Daemon Tools but this seemed to just remove the toolbar. The I went to where Daemon Tools was installed and ran "Uninstall" and I get an error. "Setup is unable to validate installation." So now I am at a point that Daemon Tools stopped working and I cannot uninstall it. How do I uninstall Daemon Tools? What is thought to cause the failure in the first place? Can the tools be re-installed? I also see an entry in the event log. "The following boot-start or system-start driver(s) failed to load: sptd"

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


17.06.2006, 16:12
Did you install the latest Windows updates?
Check thread about Daemon Tools not working in x64 Edition after Windows update in common problems and solutions forum.

17.06.2006, 20:14
I have just applied the update now how do I uninstall and re-install the tools? Even after the update the uninstall doesn't work and the sptd.sys will not load so I am stuck with a non-working Daemon Tools and not way to uninstall it. Are you saying that the Tools will not work after the update. Is there a work-around yet?

Thank you.

17.06.2006, 21:39
Did you read the mentioned thread yet?
You'll find all required info there. ;)

17.06.2006, 21:53
The thread mentions: "uninstall KB914784 windows update". I am not sure how to uninstall just this update. I don't see it in Add/Remove Programs.

Thank you.


17.06.2006, 22:28
Did you enable the checkbox to show the Windows updates at top of the add/remove window?

18.06.2006, 11:59
There's a post on another thread that states to simply delete the folder where DT was installed and to erase a .sys file in the windows\system32 folder I believe... I did this and DT dissapeared succesfully from the system.
I do hope there's a workaround to this update preventing DT from loading deal on XP x64... ASAP!

18.06.2006, 13:23
What's that all about!?
There IS a workaround - just remove the stupid Windows update KB914784.

18.06.2006, 13:37
I had the same problem and screwed around with deleting files before looking here.

I just want to add a note: after you remove the windows update, daemon tools still doesn't work or uninstall. But now you can reinstall it using the normal installer. After that it worked fine for me.

19.06.2006, 15:50
The problem that I have found with removing the patch (which does work) is that Windows "automatically" downloads and installs updates. I could disable that feature but then I will not get any "real" updates but then again if I leave it enabled then Daemon Tools stops working when the next update occurs.

19.06.2006, 20:12
You could do like I do and set it to download the updates but let me choose when to install them. That seems to work best (as I like to review what I'm installing first anyway.

19.06.2006, 20:27
Duplex already fixed the problems with the latest updates,
within the next weeks we will release a new SPTD-driver which
should fix this prob finally.

Or check their homepage, possible they release it even in the next