View Full Version : Unknown Device in Dev. Mgr.

17.06.2006, 20:37
I have NEVER had a problem with D-tools before, I just reformatted, for about the 800th time since ive been using the program, no problesm, however today, when i installed dtools everything appears normal however, it does not show any virtual drives, when i checked device manager, it shows a yellow ? that says unknown device, and under Scsi controler there is one also labled unknown device. I tried to manually install the driver from system 32, no luck, ive even used the command line installer on the site, nothing seems to work. Any ideas?

28.06.2006, 08:55
Yes, i've met the same problem. I have a suspicion it is caused after installing Toca 3 Race Driver game (with newest SF protection). :confused: