View Full Version : phys dvd ram drive installed, but not working!

19.06.2006, 00:39
alright, here is my problem. As of right now, I have searched the forums for over 7 hours with nothing but trial and errors. I have installed and I have also uninstalled daemon tools over 10 times today, restored my computer, along with the whole deal inside reg edit, device manager, etc, alcohol 120%, nero, etc. NOTHING works.

Here is my problem. I just bought this computer not even 2 weeks ago, and before installing daemon tools, everything worked perfectly. Now, my dvd-ram drive does not work, period. When I goto my computer, it's there, device manager, it says it works, it even opens and closes, but when I put a cd or dvd inside of it, and close it, it spins every 10 seconds or so, stops for 9, and continues the process of spinning.

Also, when going to my computers, all 'fake' drives are still there. I tried to goto regedit/device manager, etc, to get rid of them, but to no avail.

Is their ANY solution to this? I have nothing to fear when bringing it back to the computer store in hopes they can fix it, but the main thing I am worried about is reinstalling windows somehow without a drive to reinstall it with!

19.06.2006, 09:06
Check thread about how to remove v4 in common problems and solutions forum, especially the notes about SPTD layer removal.