View Full Version : How to use my real CD Drive, with a burned CD, instead of the virtual ones?

25.08.2003, 05:10
I have burned the image to a CD. How use it with my real drive instead of the virtual ones created by Daemon Tools? By the way, the CD protection is SafeDisc.


25.08.2003, 08:25
What exactly have you burned to the CD? Have you burned the content of the image, or have you simply started any CD mastering program (such as Nero or similar) and created a new CD with the image file on it?

To use the CD with your normal CD drive you'll have to use a program that is capable to read the image format you are using. E.g. if you have a mds/mdf image, you should use Alcohol 120% to burn the image. Then your computer will recognize the burned CD just as the original CD-ROM (in case the copy protection has been copied flawlessly, that is).

If you have simply burned the image file to a CD, you cannot use it like the normal CD, you'll always have to mount it.

For more information on how to copy CD-ROMs with different copy protections, please have a look at the following posting in the Alcohol Support Forums: Copying Protected Games HOWTO (http://forum.alcohol-software.com/index.php?act=ST&f=18&t=901&s=df7a8146d0a50679900781a8a0a39333)

10.09.2003, 04:17
I don't know what kind of image it is, but for copying protected CD's I use CloneCD. Daemon tools uses these images flawlessly for me, and I can also write the images to a real CD with the copy protection intact.

You need a drive that supports writing the copy protection stuff. Most newish writers seem to do the job quite nicely these days.