View Full Version : At win vista x64...

22.06.2006, 04:03
I'm using win vista x64 now.
I've installed 4.0.3 and then the program didn't work.....

When I boot the computer, it show me like this.

File: \System32\Drivers\sptd.sys

Status: 0xc0000428

So, I must choose latest good configuration of windows selection. And then there is no daemon-tools.

plz, help me..

22.06.2006, 05:49
As has been stated in numerous threads (including the massive All Vista Beta 2 build 5384.4 posts go here (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/t11750-all-vista-beta-2-build-53844-posts-go-here.html) thread not far below this one), DTools will NOT work under Vista x64. Nor will any virtual drive program that I'm aware of.