View Full Version : How Does Daemon Tools Work Actually?

23.06.2006, 05:41

Be warned! This is a very noobish question, but still...without questions, there will be no answers...and without answers, we will all be lost in this world of uncertainty...

Okay, straight to the point! So..how does Daemon Tools work exactly? Or more specifically, just where does the 500+ mb drive that suddenly appears out of nowhere in My Computer take its "spaces" - the 500+ mb, in this case - from?

Because all the other drives in My Computer seems to be unaffected by this new "sibling"...

My hypotesis is that the spaces come from the drive which an image is mounted...meaning that if I mount an *.iso file in D: drive, then the "spaces" will come from D: drive too...or is there something I'm missing here?

Thanks in advance!

- Loknar

23.06.2006, 09:27
The "space" is just a sector interpretation of the image file on your hdd. ;)
Daemon Tools works on sector level and just supplies the sectors of the image file to application which requests them.

23.06.2006, 15:50
I agree with the above. You won't lose 500 or so MB per disc you mount (you can mount to 4 discs at the same time). Space is not used up anywhere. It only looks like you have a new CDROM installed.