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24.06.2006, 00:40
I hardly ever make new threads because usually I can search and find the answer much faster, but this problem has been occuring off and on for the past week and I cannot get it to work.

The game I am trying is Hitman Blood Money. The first time I tried without the disc I used a mini image and ASR. Worked fine. It worked for maybe a couple of days. Then Hitman said emulation conflict or something.

I went to My Computer, and saw that the Hitman Icon was gone on the virtual drive. I tried to run the auto-run, and it did not open. Exploring the CD and manually clicking the autorun opened a DOS prompt for a second then closed.

I uninstalled D-Tools and reinstalled to ensure latest version and a clearing of all files. It did not work. I scanned around the forums and found reference to a dtscsi.sys file, so I unistalled d-tools, and it was still there. So I deleted it. When I re-installed again, the image worked! I figured I had solved the problem. But the next day, it did not load properly again (autorun broken, emulation detected). I did this whole process again, but ended up not getting the image to mount properly at all the second time.

I have another computer with d-tools on it, and it mounts the mini-image just fine. Everytime the autorun works and the icon shows up, the game runs. I am using the latest d-tools and ASR. I have XP Home. Any help is apreciated.