View Full Version : Fully Installed but not opening

25.08.2003, 21:37
After going through all the installation I know have a shortcut on my Desktop! When I clik on it nothing happens :( I have tried to unistall and the reinstall but still no joy. Am I doing something wrong? Please Help...

25.08.2003, 21:49
Check if youґve the task bar icon - thatґs the only thing that actually "happens" - or what are you talking about/what do you expect to happen?
Btw how is this related to the Daemon Tools homepage?

11.11.2004, 14:10

i got the same problem!
i dont see Daemontools in the systemtray neither!
only a shortcut!
before i did a format of my pc, it worked perfect!!!!

could you help me?

12.11.2004, 16:07
post to the CORRECT forum and you get any help you need.