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24.06.2006, 20:22
Fi this has been asked and answered before i'm sorry but i couldn't find anything with the same problem.

Here goes.
I used to use DT 3.47 which worked perfectly fine.
I want to use DT 4 or 4.03 though but everytime I install it i get problems.
The Installation itself goes without trouble but when it tries to start DT the first time i get these errors:

Problem Ejecting SCSI/RAID Host Controller
The Device 'SCSI/RAID Host Controller' cannot be stopped right now.
Try stopping the device again later.

Unable to add adapter. Device problem 12.
and everytime I try to start DT after that it says:

invalid device

When I go to the device manager the 'SCSI/RAID Host Controller' has a yellow exclamation mark on it and whenever I try something with it, I get a message saying it is in the process of being deleted so I can't do shit with it.

Also when I have DT 4 installed the 'PnP BIOD Extension' also has a yellow exclamation mark on it but I don't know what's wrong with that either.

I thought I might be having the problems because I have a 'Silicon Image SiI 3112 SATAraid Controller' installed, but even de-activating that won't work, and since my best harddisk is functioning on that thing I don't like de-activating it.

thanks to anyone who can help me.

24.06.2006, 21:10