View Full Version : X86 sptd fix

25.06.2006, 21:54
:D ok.. ive been reading and reading all of the forms.. and i always figured that it was a windows update that messed up the DT. ok, of course the probelm most people are having is that when your computer boots, the OS will not boot.. it leaves u with a blank screen.. and u can only load SAFE MODE to uninstall the sptd driver.. but i started to uninstall the updates form windows and found that uninstalling update KB891593 lets your computer load the SPTD driver.. and now DT works fine.. also if u have a windows running X64 or whatever.. there is a update that affects DT..

25.06.2006, 23:56
That only updates the Direct Show portion of DirectX. I can't see how it would cause a conflict with Daemon Tools or the SPTD driver.

26.06.2006, 01:49
maybe becuase i uninstalled that it messed with the real problem? i dunno.. i just know it fixed my problem.. i have a Windows XP SP2 professional. with all the updates installed except the kb891593 update. and i dont have any problems. i checked my Direct X and it is working fine.. and the games i play need the most current Direct x.. so i dunno what to say..